Green Energy

Alternative Energy, Green energy (energy concept) training kits

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Kosmos Güneş Enerjili Araba Eğitim Seti - Solar Auto

Kosmos Solar AutoDescription:Simple and fun installation with 5 models!Renewable energy!5 Model37 Pi..

118.50 TL

Kosmos Güneş Enerjili Bot - Solar Boat

Kosmos Solar Boat Construct a solar-electric boat and five additional models using an innovative mo..

120.00 TL

Kosmos Power House

Kosmos Power HouseHuman civilization's energy consumption is growing. At the same time, the harmful ..

256.50 TL

Kosmos Su Gücü - Hydropower

Kosmos HydropowerA Parent's Choice Recommended Award Winner!Hydropower has been used for hundreds of..

169.50 TL