Tf Mu 2015 Led  Letter  Fılter Control


You can draw attention to yourself by creating different perceptions in your customers by waiting for your favorite texts that you can write the most beautiful animations, writing the lengths you want, writing your favorite animations.

The floating font control card you are currently viewing is a model of the TF series and will feature rich animation support by running on top of the 6-row P10 panel. TF MU2015 Modular led control card At the same time, with this floating control card you can add your signboards clock date and time counter to ensure that your customers are always on your mind.

If you want to get more technical features, you can read the following explanation carefully.

You can install this card with the PowerLED program. You can download Powerled and other LED programs from the program store page of your site



General Feature: 16 areas can be made at the same time, Panel light level control, compatible with many panels can work ..

Pixel: Single color 416X96 px, 1536x32 cm, Two colors

Panel connections: 2X Hub08 4X Hub12

Scanning: 1/16 - 1/8 - 1/4 - 1/2 ...

Communication with USB memory

Memory: 2M bytes

Text Animations: 45 animations and frame animations ...

Test button: You can make led test by test button on the card, horizontal, vertical full led test.

Operating voltage: +5 V DC, 2W less power consumption.

Working temperature: -30? ~ 70?

Day counter: 0-9999 days

Counter: Day counter can be counted forward day counting back, accidentless work day sign, remaining day number sign.

JPG, BMP, GIF (Animated Gifs) images can be uploaded

Fonts are loaded for font extension expansion and clock degrees functions on new serial cards

Supports all windows fonts and all languages ​​(RTF)

Optional Temperature & Humidity sensor can be connected.

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Tf Mu 2015 Led Letter Fılter Control

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