Two-way Motor DC Drive

MD151A Used to drive and trigger electrical devices that can operate with PWM frequency, such as motor in dual direction. With the MD151A Driver you can drive or control DC or Linear Motors by controlling direction and speed. Due to the electronic circuit structure, there is deopto-isolation protection for negativities that may occur in the load part such as motor protection in the feeding part, motor.

With its own software algorithm, engine start and landing speeds can be reliably used in all industrial applications with accelerated and stable operation. By software, the engine starting speed is accelerating from slow to steady, and the landing speed is slowly falling from the set speed. In this respect, the motor control is carried out in the most reliable way.

When the used engine is requested to change direction while turning at a certain speed in the normal clockwise direction; The direction control section is short-circuited and falls from the speed at which the motor is set, and then accelerates to return at the speed set at the reverse. The set speed continues to rotate at that speed even when it is captured.

When controlling the speed of the motor other than the direction control, the maximum and minimum speeds are limited. The speed is set by analog and potentiometer. If the potentiometer set by the cruise control is pulled zero, the engine stops completely. To stop the engine, you do not need to turn off the appliance.

LED indicator is present during motor direction control. In this way, the controller can see where it controls the motor on the electronic card as well as visually.

The design on the Motor Sliding part is designed with the idea that the power of the motor can be driven most efficiently without reducing the efficiency. The drive motor can operate up to 20 amperes at a maximum of 12V motors.



Technicial Specifications

Operating voltage: 9-35 V DC

Load voltage that can be controlled: 9 - 35V DC

Maximum load capacity 12V / 20A or 24V / 10A

Motor drive PWM frequency 10kHz @% 99,9 Duty Cycle

0-99% Duty Cycyle Adjustable.

Motor direction control is available.

The engine speed setting can be set to zero.

Soft Soft Start feature available

There is a warning with the Reverse Direction LED.

The system consumes very low power (<0.7W) when there is no load while the motor is not connected.

External dimensions: 100 mm * 60 mm * 25 mm

All DC motors are suitable for linear motor speed control applications.

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Two-way Motor DC Drive

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